Dear Parishioners & Friends of St. George's Church:
On behalf of the vestry of St. Georges and with the blessing of our Bishop Morris Thompson, I am pleased to announce that vestry approved calling Reverend Richard Easterling to as the 15th Rector of St. George's Episcopal Church.

Richard has demonstrated the deepest commitment to the future growth and care to our parish and it’s people. He has proven to the leadership of this parish that he possesses the youthful energy, administrative skills, attention to detail, unconditional love and spiritual wisdom that St. Georges desires in it’s leadership.

Since the devastation of Hurricane Katrina, the people of St. Georges have consistently made bold choices and taken calculated risks to ensure not only the survival of our church and mission, but to transform it into a model of what our modern day Anglican faith should resemble. Calling Richard to serve as our rector, is the latest example of St. Georges determination to continue to serve it’s people and nurture the seeds we have so rigorously and faithfully sowed the past seven years.

We’ve said it before, that something special is happening here at St. Georges. Our ministries are flourishing, new faces are becoming regulars and the spirit and warmth of God’s love for our congregation is ever present.

Bishop Thompson will join us on January 5th, 2014 to celebrate Richard’s new ministry with us. But please take a moment this Sunday to join the vestry in congratulating Richard, and welcoming he and David into the St. Georges family.

Faithfully Yours,
Trey Burvant

Sr. Warden, St. George's Church


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